→ Master pitching, pricing, and negotiation skills.
→ Build better brand relationships.
→ Be the confident creator you know you are!

"Within 2 weeks, I signed $30K in contracts...now I'm making $40K-50K a month"

Enrollment Capped at 50 Creators. Deadline: Mar. 5

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Consistent, monthly income from sponsorships? Yes, please!

Whether you're a full-time creator OR hoping to one day ditch your 9-5, brand partnerships likely represent a significant percentage of the money you make.

The only problem is...it's impossible to predict when you'll get them. 



Here's the deal: 

Sponsorships can be predictable...if YOU make them predictable. 

Like Kaitlin and loads of other creators, you too can build a profitable business working with brands. With confidence

Long-term brand partnerships and stress-free negotiations? Totally possible! 

Sponsorship income that continues to grow regardless of algorithms or audience size? YES!

More freedom and more flexibility? Abso-freakin-lutely! 

Who am I and why am I qualified to revitalize your sponsorship strategy?

Hi there! My name is Justin Moore, Sponsorship Coach and founder of Creator Wizard — an online resource teaching creators like you the BUSINESS of being well-paid & well-respected.

Let me tell you a story … 

About 10 years ago, my now-wife April and I were living in Southern California.  This was before we got married and had kids. At that time, it was the two of us and our three cats!

We’d been slowly growing our YouTube channels to about 35K followers and making some nice side income here and there to supplement our day jobs.

One summer day, April came running into the bedroom (I'll never forget this!) and said, "Look at this email! What do we do?"

It was from a very well-known brand asking for our rates. 

Rates? We were confused. We were used to just getting a bunch of free products in exchange for posts.

You mean, this brand actually wants to PAY us to talk about them on social media?!

THAT was the moment that our lives changed forever.

We realized there was absolutely NO LIMIT to how much money you could make as a creator.

We realized there was nothing preventing us from reaching out to brands *ourselves* and pitching unique partnerships.

But most importantly, we realized just how much money you could make from sponsorships.

Way more than Adsense.

Way more than Affiliates.

WAY more than my 9-5 job which I quit 6 weeks after our first son was born!

Today, we've made $4,000,000 working with brands

It didn't happen overnight and it most certainly didn't happen by accident.

We've worked with brands like...

BUT that's not even the real reason you should trust me...

The real reason you should listen to me is because I've helped other creators, like you, earn $3,000,000+

In the past, I also ran a marketing agency and as a result, have insider knowledge about how big brands choose which creators to partner with and why they pass on others.

Over the course of the next 4 weeks, I'm going to teach you how big brands think and help you bust through sponsorship blocks (more on that in a minute!), and step into the mindset of a Brand Deal Wizard!

BUT first … let’s talk about the reality right now...

Only 4% of creators earn a full-time income

I was SHOCKED to see that statistic in a recent report from Signalfire. 

ONLY 4%?! 

Now, whether you're already doing this full-time or looking to take your side hustle more seriously, you've probably found that getting consistent sponsorships is...hard. 

Not knowing how much money you're going to make from one month to the next can be one of the most stressful parts of earning a living online.

In your gut, you likely know there MUST be a better way to...

...find well-paying, well-respected brands to work with AND...

...approach those brands confidently AND...

...secure partnerships that get you paid over and over and over again! 

Well...there is!

You have to embrace the Brand Deal Wizard Mindset.

Most creators struggle to properly monetize because they treat their online business like a hobby. 

They get sponsorships but it only creates a trickle of income and is never sustainable enough to qualify as a steady source of revenue. 

Others do a large volume of low dollar-value deals and end up burning out in a bonfire of exhaustion and overwhelm! 

Some creators may feel happy how much they were paid until they find out another creator with a weaker presence got double (or TRIPLE!) what they were paid. 

The disappointments pile up like a dangerously high Jenga tower and that nagging feeling of leaving money on the table nibbles away at your confidence. 

The REAL shift happens when you step into the mindset of a Brand Deal Wizard — a creative powerhouse, a confident consultant, and a business owner...not just a creator. 

How do you make this shift? 

You bust through some serious Sponsorship Blocks. 

Sponsorship Blocks Standing In Your Way to a Profitable Online Business


Most creators don’t have systems in place that empower them to create consistent, predictable sponsorships. 

The result? 

One-off partnerships and more “famine” than feast! 😣


A lack of experience leads to a lack of confidence.

Not knowing how to navigate complex negotiations means you leave money on the table. Often! 😬


Buying into the myth that the creator economy is saturated or that brands only care about sales & conversions leads to insecurity + an inability to forge long-term partnerships. 😓


It's not that you're fake.

BUT your pitches & proposals don’t reflect the real you and are just kinda...boring. 🥱


“I can do this alone” is a myth many creators perpetuate. 

However, nothing can replace a trusted community that has your back and can give you the right intel and advice when needed. 🧠


An inadequate organizational system is a major sponsorship block! 

If deadlines, details, and deal flow are ignored, you’ll bleed money rather than make it! 🧑‍💻


Being stubborn or refusing to curate a brand-safe persona is another major block that prevents the free flow of that sweet sponsorship cash! 🤑

Here’s what you need to know …

Brands are NOT your enemy.

You don’t have to wear an armor of inauthenticity and go into battle. This is not a war. This is a business, YOUR business … and you’re totally qualified to run it. Profitably!

You can show up as the REAL you and be seen for the work you do.

You can be paid for access to your community & for content that aligns with your values.

You can be a confident brand consultant and partner.

“I've signed six brand deals for a total of $6,500. Now I can't tell you that you're gonna make 6,500. I can't tell you that you're gonna make 10,000 or 20,000. I really don't know what that number is, but what I can tell you is that you will be better prepared to interact with brands."

-Mike Caputo, 24/7 Tech

"Signing up for the Brand Deal Wizard course is the best investment that I have made in myself and my creative business to date. 

 Justin has gone above and beyond to provide so many resources outside of just the weekly classes to be able to help take your creator business to the next level."

-Charlotte, Char from Chicago

"It was a paradigm shift.

I absolutely love that there were practical steps for us to take and put into practice. I was dealing with so many different brands and I was able to take these principles and best practices and put them into my strategy with those brands almost immediately. And I'm seeing those results."

-Kirk Nugent

"Using some of the techniques that he's taught I've landed 6-figure deals, 5-figure deals, 4-figure deals … all of them using what Justin has taught in this course. So if I was gonna recommend any course to do brand deals … this would be the one, because it teaches you step-by-step." 

-John Naccarto, Think Media

Introducing...Brand Deal Wizard!

A Step-by-Step Strategic System for Creators 

Who are Ready for Sustainable Sponsorship Revenue, Negotiation Confidence, AND 

Longer-Term Brand Partnerships

"Justin provided so much insight on strategic planning, getting sponsorships, and what I found to be the most important: sustaining relationships with brands.

The Zoom classes were interactive, highly engaging, with a diverse community of creators.

Justin is a terrific leader, not just a teacher. He’s very passionate, funny, and encouraging. This program is about understanding your worth and getting paid for it! I highly recommend it!”
- Solomon, @weekdaydad

What is Brand Deal Wizard?

Brand Deal Wizard is the ONLY cohort-based creator sponsorship program that gives you 4 weeks of LIVE training, resources, templates, community, and Q&A support. 

You can be a more confident creator who not only earns a sustainable income from your brand partnerships but also negotiates fearlessly and shows up as a brand consultant — a true partner. 

In 4 short weeks, you’ll go from wondering how to get paid by wishlist brands to signing contracts with them!

You’ll know how to best price and position your sponsorship packages AND make it as easy as possible for a brand to work with you so you’re their go-to partner on a repeat basis. 

Best part? 

You’ll have complete control over every single step of the deal flow — right from the first contact through to the end.

So...Who is Brand Deal Wizard for? 

BDW is for creators who...

✅ Have worked with brands in the past

✅ Want more sustainable and consistent income from their partnerships

✅ Are keen to pitch bigger and better brands confidently 

✅ Need solid strategies for negotiation and brand relationship management

✅ Have a brand-friendly business

✅ Value community and the power of learning from others 

✅ Are open to ditching the “starving creator” belief to step into a brand consultant mindset

BDW is NOT for you if...

❌ You aren’t keen on monetizing your online presence. 

❌ You’re comfortable with the status quo and leaving money on the table doesn’t bother you

❌ You believe you know best and don’t want to hear from other creators

❌ Sending custom pitches feels like too much “work”

❌ Are posting hard-to-monetize content (e.g. not family-friendly, risque, or purely game streaming)

You'll get exceptional results if you're building your influence on "social" OR "owned" platforms...

With Brand Deal Wizard, You Unlock Confidence With An 8-Step Sponsorship Wheel

My proprietary 8-step sponsorship wheel gives you a step-by-step system so you don’t let even the tiniest detail fall through the cracks. 

On the surface, you may look at this Wheel and go, “Hey, I already know this!”

Odds are you probably do recognize the steps and that’s okay. 

BECAUSE … it’s the hidden gold inside each step that gives you the confidence to be a creator who can get paid GOOD MONEY for their work!

E.A.R.N. Brand Deal Framework

“I wouldn't know how to even ask for more $ for content if it weren't for your class. I can do 1 collab and make what I used to in an entire month.

-Jennifer @ketosismom

Justin is the best in the business to teach you how to learn about brand deals and brands, and to just how to land really good partnerships that are gonna value your work …

learned more in four weeks than I did in four years being a creator on YouTube and Instagram. Mind-blowing!"

-Dee @deeandfam

Here's a peek at what you'll master over 4 weeks

Week 1: Creating a Sustainable Sponsorship Strategy & Pitch Plan

In Week 1, you’ll discover how to:

✅ Use the Sponsorship Wheel Framework to add structure to your strategy so you can create sustainable sponsorship income without hustling all the time

✅ Leverage the R.O.P.E Pitching Strategy to stand out in crowded inboxes AND get those coveted “Yes, let’s do this!” replies from your dream brands!

✅ Deploy advanced LinkedIn strategies so you can ditch the “Hey, let’s collaborate” DMs and instead use my “Magic Search Terminology” to tailor your pitch perfectly!

Bonus Resource for Week 1: Sponsorship Tracker Notion Template ($2,500 value)

This sophisticated tool will help you track and manage all your pitches and ongoing opportunities. It has built-in formulas so you know exactly when to follow up and what to do next!

Additional resources include a Pitch Planning Worksheet, Proven Pitch Subject Lines, & more.

Week 2: Ninja Negotiation Strategies and Pricing Power Moves

In Week 2, you’ll turbocharge confidence by:

✅ Identifying 5 negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them

✅ Uncovering the 3 campaign goal types so you can confidently pitch the perfect sponsorship package to a brand

✅ Mastering advanced negotiation strategies to upsell yourself and charge more without feeling desperate

✅ Learning the D.U.E Rule to give you clarity on WHAT to charge for and when to negotiate

✅ Creating pricing strategies that don’t let you leave money on the table

✅ Considering “What If..." Negotiation Scenarios so you know exactly how to counter with confidence

✅ Getting insights into when to walk away from a sponsorship

Bonus Resources for Week 2: Sponsorship Rate Calculator, Proposal Templates, & Contract Templates ($5,000 value)

The Sponsorship Rate Calculator

Put pricing on autopilot with this nifty calculator that allows you to see exactly how to structure your brand partnerships and how much to charge for them. There’s a Notion template as well as a Google Sheets and an Excel version.

Proposal Canva Templates

Lay the perfect professional foundation with brands using a professional and robust proposal that you can create in minutes thanks to your Brand Deal Wizard Proposal Templates. You have TWO different designs to choose from and each template is easily customizable in Canva.

Sponsorship Contract Templates

Ever done a sponsorship where the brand said, "We don't need a contract! We can just agree to everything over email!" *cue the 🚩🚩🚩*

You can cover your butt with TWO Contract Templates (*in addition to consulting a lawyer*) and ensure you're always protected!

Week 3: Flawless Partnership Execution Framework

In Week 3, you uncover secret strategies so you can develop long-term partnerships with brands with:

Communication strategies to get aligned on timelines, deliverables, creative logistics, and more!

✅ The Partnership Execution Blueprint to help you minimize frustrations, re-shoots, and revisions and make brands fall in love with your professionalism

Credibility-building Post-Campaign Reports so you can open the door to future work with the brand

Bonus Resources for Week 3: Post-Campaign Report Templates ($2,000 value)

Send professional post-campaign reports using either of the TWO Canva templates so a brand can clearly and easily see the ROI of working with you!

Week 4: Nurturing Brands for Income Stability & Long-Term Relationship Building

In this FINAL week, we’ll wrap up your journey with:

✅ Ideal ways to show a brand that you’re the BEST partner for them

Client case studies that give you an extra edge over every other creator

Brand nurturing strategies (including understanding the marketing rule of 7!) so you can engage at the “perfect” time and win new partnerships confidently!

✅ The P.I.N.O.T. follow-up strategy so you stay top of mind without being annoying

Bonus Resources for Week 4: Case Study Templates Library ($2,000 value)

Choose from an ever-growing library of case study templates so you can confidently create these marketing assets and use them to win more sponsorships!

What my alumni have to say 👇

There were several times during the sessions that our mouths literally dropped at the strategies that Justin was teaching us! From networking and reaching out to brands, to negotiation and making sure the brands keep coming back for more... his course covers it all and you will leave with strategies that you can implement today to land you brand deals with companies that you love, for MORE money! Brand Deal Wizard is 100% worth the investment!”

Keto Twins

Emily & Sarah

I've locked up tens of thousand dollars in partnerships after taking the course, including selling additional whitelisting rights, Amazon Live sponsorships and long-term partnerships. If you get a chance to take the course, I can guarantee you that you'll better understand. Every single step of a partnership from first contact to a brand all the way through the post collaboration steps, you need to ensure a continued successful partnership. I can't thank Justin enough for the course content and for continuing to make my full-time creator dream more and more successful.”

Favorite Finds


“This is not a template course that you just purchase and you’re left with a ton of questions. It’s interactive and you’re going to be guided through the whole way. You’re going to be so mind-blown. The information you’re going to receive…you don’t find anywhere else. If you are a little lost or if this is a goal you’ve had for a long time, you owe it to yourself to take this course.”



Your Brand Deal Wizard Training Schedule (Dates & Times)

All sessions are held LIVE via Zoom. If you cannot attend on certain days, that's OK! We post the replays within 24 hours so you can catch them at your convenience (many creators choose to do this).

Week 1

Date/Time Taught by: Topic


3-4:30pm PST

Justin Moore (Instructor)

Creating a Sustainable Sponsorship Strategy & Pitch Plan

 12:30p-1:30pm PST
Liron Segev (Guest Expert)

Understanding Avatars

 9-10am PST
RJ Larese (Guest Expert) How & Why Brands Decide to Run Paid Campaigns
8-9am PST
Dee Brissett (Community & Programs Manager)

Confidence (Cause + Effect)

Week 2

Date/Time Taught by: Topic
3-4:30pm PST
Justin Moore (Instructor)

Ninja Negotiation Strategies and Pricing Power Moves

9-10am PST
Doug Borchert  (Guest Expert)

Behind-the-Scenes of a Sponsorship Platform

8-9am PST
Dee Brissett (Community & Programs Manager)

Constructing a Compelling Proposal

Week 3

Date/Time Taught by: Topic
3-4:30pm PST
Justin Moore (Instructor)

Flawless Partnership Execution Framework

9-10am PST
Peter Yang (Guest Expert)

Advanced Creator Diversification Strategies

8-9am PST
Dee Brissett (Community & Programs Manager)

Post-Campaign Reporting & Case Studies

Week 4

Date/Time Taught by: Topic
3-4:30pm PST
Justin Moore (Instructor)

Nurturing Brands for Income Stability & Long-Term Relationship Building

9-9:30am PST
Justin Moore & Dee Brissett Brand Deal Wizard Graduation

Enrollment Deadline: Mar 5. Capped at 50 Creators.

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

PLUS Exclusive Bonuses To Get You Off That “I’m not sure if…” Fence FAST!

If you’re on the fence because … 

You’ve taken courses (or even private coaching!) in the past and it was, sadly, a giant waste of time and money … 


You’ve worked with brands and even gotten paid so you’re not sure if you’ll learn anything new … 

These bonuses will change your mind! Not only has each bonus been created so you continue to move forward with confidence, but also each bonus will give you additional support to speed up your sponsorship journey!

The Brand Deal Wizard Private Community (PRICELESS!)

Being a Brand Deal Wizard is SO much easier when you’re surrounded by a like-minded community that not only asks smart questions but also gives you great intel on what’s working and what isn’t. 

Whether you’re looking for help with a tricky negotiation or want a second opinion on rates you're about to send to a brand … this private community has your back!  

Advanced Strategy Office Hours with Donnaree Brissett aka Dee ($2,000 value)

These invaluable and info-packed sessions with Brand Deal Wizard alumnus and our Community & Programs Manager, Dee Brissett will give you answers to questions like how to negotiate a specific sponsorship deal or how to pitch your dream brand, and MORE!

Here's a small taste of what these actionable sessions with Dee are like! 👇

LIVE and Recorded Guest Expert Sessions ($2,000 value)

Want to know when (or IF) you should hire a manager? What do advertising agencies actually search for when looking for creators? 

You have a FULL library of LIVE and recorded guest expert sessions to tune into. 

Here's a tiny peek at past speakers you’ll learn from: 

  • Kevin Herrera, Founder of The Machine on Pros vs. Cons of Management as a Creator 
  • Lindsey Gamble, VP @ Mavrck on How to Get more Sponsorships from the Brand Deal Platforms 
  • Brendan Gahan, Partner @Mekanism on How Advertising Agencies Select Creators for Paid Campaigns 
  • Paddy Galloway on YouTube Strategy

FULL Replays from Past Cohorts ($2,000 value)

If you’re the kind who enjoys “extra credit,” you can easily watch the replays of the past several cohorts as well and learn from the questions other creators asked! 

14 Day Brand Deal Challenge eBook ($1,000 value)

Need an extra jumpstart? Take my 14-Day Brand Deal Challenge with this 61-page eBook covering everything from Knowing your Worth, Updating your Social Media to Attract Brands, Understanding Influencer Marketing Terminology, Getting Paid Faster, and much more!

Influencer Marketing Negotiation Glossary ($500 value)

Show up at your next negotiation as your most confident self with a detailed glossary of 40+ influencer marketing terms, acronyms, and lingo that every creator should know.

PLUS...You can add Additional Support with...

Gifted To Paid

If you’ve never done a paid partnership with a brand before and have only been gifted free products … you NEED Gifted To Paid. It is the ONLY course designed to give you the skills, strategies, and secret techniques you need to stop settling for free products and confidently communicate with brands so they pay you what you're worth.

Choose the Wizard Plus or Wizard’s Guild Tiers to get access to Gifted to Paid!

Wizard’s Guild Membership

Want ongoing negotiation support *after the course* directly from the Creator Wizard team?

You get TWO months’ access when you join the Wizard’s Guild.

Here's what you’ll get: 

• 1-1 Asynchronous Weekly Support directly from the Creator Wizard team via "Volley" for help with your sponsorships & brand deal negotiations

• Questions answered Tuesday & Thursday mornings (excluding holidays)

• Great option if you don't have a manager and prefer having a "coach in your pocket"

• Exclusive Creator Wizard merch

• Note: only available to course alumni or past 1-1 coaching clients

I was initially hesitant about purchasing since I thought I'd comfortably figure out brand deals as I went through my first 5-10 deals.

But after going through the course, I realize it would have taken years to learn some of these lessons, meanwhile leaving $1000s on the table due to being ignorant.

Now Creatives

Oliver Gilpin

What Happens Once You Enroll?

  • Step 1. You join the Brand Deal Wizard Course + Community on Circle

  • Step 2. Attend the LIVE calls via Zoom or watch the replays (or read the transcripts!)

  • Step 3. Attend weekly Advanced Strategy Office Hours & Guest Expert sessions or watch the replays to get additional insights

  • Step 4. Pitch and land partnerships that get you paid over and over again!

I decided to join Brand Deal Wizard in the hopes that I could learn some strategies or tactics or ways of communicating with creators that I hadn't otherwise. 

And what I found inside of the community went way beyond my expectations — templates, tools, the community, the webinars, the Q, and As the workshops ... everything from his experiences is baked into a simple, easy-to-digest program that becomes infinitely, scalable.

-Brandon, BDE Media

"Brand Deal Wizard really helped me to gain clarity on the message that I communicate, not just to my followers, but also to brands. It also allowed me to learn step by step, how to structure a deal and how to negotiate with brands rather than through a DM. 

Learning how to really structure those contracts is key because that's also showing you how brands will also take you seriously. For me, the real takeaway was being able to do what's called a case study …  which I'd heard before, but I didn't know exactly how to do that.”

-Melody, Deals with Mel

You Will Have Access to Sponsorship Strategies that 3x, 5x, 10x Your Income as a Creator...

"Justin just helped me make twice as much for a brand deal than I normally would with one simple thing that he recommended to me. We're talking thousands of dollars added to my ask and they accepted without any questions. He's super knowledgeable and has a ton of experience in the space…he's got all the answers.”

-Sam, Samika Vlogs

This course paid for itself. I'd say about seven times over … We’re able to take this information and apply it in real-time to campaigns that we're working on to be able to pitch [& negotiate more money].”

-Troy & Shantel Brooks

You can do this even if you have a small following, are in unique niches or have struggled with smaller sponsorships

“...Guess who negotiated a $1300 a month Instagram marketing/YouTube Integration deal for 3 months?


In all seriousness, I can't thank you enough for all your help and generosity. The way you jumped in and helped me rethink my entire way of approaching brands has given me such a huge boost!”

-Brianna Lamberson

“Before I met Justin, I had no idea where my income was going to come from as a creator. At the time I had about 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. And even though I was getting some income and emails from offering free products, we all know that you can't pay your bills with free products. 

I learned influencer terminology, what to look for in contracts, how to find brand contacts so that I could start pitching to brands, and even what to charge for my work, which is something that I was really struggling with.

Even though my subscriber base is still less than 10,000, I've been able to bring in $17,000 worth of brand deals since I completed Brand Deal Wizard.”


"I didn't know anything about usage rights. 

I didn't know anything about being exclusive. 

I didn't know any of that stuff … 

Anytime I reached out to Justin, he was able to help push me mentally to be more confident. 

I've been able to use this step-by-step process for more than one thing!

-Rich, Hustle Ninjas

"I had been trying to land brand deals for over a year.

I knew that I can make beautiful food, take beautiful photos, but I had no idea how to get these brands to wanna work with me. 

Justin came in basically to the rescue. I mean, it was amazing when I tell you that my ROI was pretty instant.

And on the morning of the last day of class, I had already gotten my first paid brand deal!

-Melissa, Sweet Meli Bakery

But first, Let’s Talk About The Commitment Needed to be a Brand Deal Wizard

Before you read any further, here’s what I need you to know … 

Joining Brand Deal Wizard does require a commitment from you because you can only get results if you show up to do the work. 

This course will make you a Brand Deal Wizard but it’s not a magic bullet. 

You should plan on allocating at least 5 hours per week for the duration of BDW.  The LIVE instruction sessions are about 90 minutes (including Q&A), 60 minutes for Advanced Strategy Office Hours with Dee, 60 minutes for (optional) guest expert sessions, and 90 minutes for action/implementation. 

Yes, if you can’t attend live, you can watch the recordings but you still need the time to do that. 

 To be clear, you will not be able to binge all four weeks at once or skip ahead to a future week's content. 

I specifically designed this course to build on itself week by week so you get the most value out of the lessons and can implement them as you go. 

I will give you the resources and templates you need to make the process as simple as possible but I can’t do the work for you. 

The question isn’t whether or not you’ll earn a sustainable income from sponsorships and brand deals. I know you will!  

The questions you need to answer are… 

How will you INVEST the money you’ll be earning this time next year? 

What financial dreams will turn into REALITY thanks to your creator biz?

Which brands will you proudly call LONG-TERM PARTNERS?

At the End of 4 Weeks, You’ll Walk Away With...

  • Super-charged confidence so you can command better prices for every brand deal and earn consistent income from the content you create or the community you lead!

  • Negotiation, pricing, and pitching strategies that help you show up as a true brand partner and business owner

  • A clear understanding of how to communicate with a brand and follow up so you can turn one-off deals into long-term partnerships

  • Strategies to turn sponsorship into a sustainable business model and revenue stream

  • Complete knowledge of expectation setting, boundaries, and reporting so you can stop burning out and start making BANK!

  • Support and insight into your next steps so you can continue to grow as a creator who gets paid well

Still reading? Great! You Should Know Your Enrollment is

Listen...the promise behind Brand Deal Wizard is to give you the tools you need so you can stop leaving money on the sponsorship table. 

I am confident you will start pitching and negotiating more profitable brand deals after participating in the course. 

Which is why you can go through the COMPLETE course and if by the end of it you haven’t doubled or tripled your confidence in negotiating bigger and better brand deals … you can ask for your money back.

However, like I shared above … you do need to have the commitment and do the work. That means that you need to show up to every live session, and implement all of the strategies and tactics I recommend. 

And if by the end of it … you still don't feel like the investment you made in your knowledge will help you make more money on your next brand deal, I will refund you in full.

Read the full Earnings & Refund Disclaimer here.

More Success Stories

But will this *really* work for you? Hear what these creators have to say...

Molly: "I earned enough to quit my 9-5 job!"

Daniel: "Having Justin's advice and knowledge in the back of your head constantly during deals will take you to the next level!"

Brittany: "I've gotten $6,547 in sponsorships since joining!"

Brandon: "Totally changed the game for me!"

Jessica: "I've closed $35,000-$40,000 in sponsorships since working with Justin!"

Justin: "I've multiplied my income by thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars."

Sarah: "Do yourself a favor...invest in yourself."

Jessi: "I've made $6,528 since participating!"

Ryan: "Justin has gone above and beyond to make sure my rates weren't too low and I wasn't playing myself."

Aubrey: "I was able to land my first really big deal with one of my favorite brands...and it came a lot faster than I was expecting!"

Naya: "The knowledge that I received was incredible!"

Danielle: "If you're a podcaster, this is really a great investment..."

Sandra: "Within just a few days completing his course, I  landed my first 5 figure brand deal."

Logan: "For the four week course,  I was blown away..."

Kristen: "I felt completely confident in finding the right brand contact,  and negotiating with brands..."

Chances are you’re wondering “Will Brand Deal Wizard Work for Me If ___________” ...Let’s find out!

  • + Q1. I’ve been a creator for a while and I’ve worked with brands in the past. Will this program help me? Or is it more for beginners?

    Having experience working with brands will actually help you achieve BIGGER and BETTER results even *faster* with Brand Deal Wizard because the strategies and tactics I'll teach you are most helpful for creators with existing brand and agency contacts.

    Having said that, if you’re 100% satisfied with the money you’re making from sponsorships and don’t feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and struggling with inconsistent income … then, this program may not be for you.

  • + Q2. I don’t have a large audience. Will Brand Deal Wizard show me how to get paid even with a small following?

    As long as your community is engaged and aligned with the brands you’re looking to pitch, you will be able to negotiate and land profitable sponsorships. If you scroll back up, you’ll hear from Melissa who had a small audience and negotiated profitable sponsorships!

  • + Q3. I’m not a traditional 'influencer.' I’m a podcaster/newsletter author/community leader, will Brand Deal Wizard show me how to negotiate deals for my own platform?

    TOTALLY!! The main reason brands want to partner with you is because you are the CONDUIT for them to access a highly targeted and engaged audience.

    So regardless of whether your audience is on social media, in a private community, in a course, from a newsletter, etc. you will master my best strategies to articulate to brands why they should partner with you.

  • + Q4. I’ve never been paid by a brand before and have only worked for free products. Will this still work for me?

    Yes. BUT I’ll recommend choosing the Wizard Plus tier so you get access to Gifted To Paid as well and can go through that self-paced course to get into the mindset of someone who is ready to stop settling for free products and get paid instead!

  • + Q5. I don’t live in the US/UK/Canada/Australia. Will the information you share help me work with brands in my country?

    YES! The principles, strategies, and techniques in Brand Deal Wizard apply to creators worldwide.

    As a heads up, some lessons focus on pitching tools like LinkedIn, which may not be the most prevalent business directory in your region but the lessons can be easily transferred to other platforms.

    Dee Brissett (who is also a BDW alumni) says in her video, “... And if you're skeptical about, if this will work for you, based on where you're based from I'm based out of Canada and the information still worked for me. And I find that I felt so thankful for that because oftentimes I feel a little bit left out in things, but not anymore. You guys, no matter where you are, no matter what level of your creator journey, I highly recommend this course for you, because it's literally for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the business behind being a creator.”

  • + Q6. I’m not a full-time creator yet. Will Brand Deal Wizard work for me?

    Absolutely!! Brand Deal Wizard will put you on the path to becoming a full-time creator. Scroll back up to hear Molly Donlan’s story and how she was able to quit her 9-to-5 thanks to the bigger sponsorships that helped her become a full-time creator.

  • + Q7. I know it’ll work for me … I just need to know how do I choose the right “tier”?

    YAY! Excited to hear that. Okay, if you're already established and wanna take your income to the next level, choose just Brand Deal Wizard.

    If you are just starting out and need a solid foundation, join the Wizard Plus tier because Gifted to Paid is pretty much a pre-requisite to Brand Deal Wizard. Plus you can binge the course in 90 minutes.

    And finally, if you have consistent deal flow already and need ongoing support, choose the top tier that includes the Wizard’s Guild membership.

  • + Q8. I still have questions. How can I contact you?

    Feel free to reach out at support@creatorwizard.com and we’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Gosh! Glad to see you at the bottom of the page! Let’s have a little chat, shall we?

Whether you join me for Brand Deal Wizard or not, here’s what I want you to know.

You’re doing amazing work. Being a creator is hard. Showing up and serving your audience with great content requires commitment.

Being paid for that commitment is a great next step.

And remember...there are more than enough opportunities for everybody.

Even though it may feel like the industry you’re in is saturated … I can guarantee there are at least a few brands out there that want to work with you.

Brands, in fact, are hungry to work with creators who are prepared and polished! Like I shared with you earlier, sponsorships CAN BE predictable if you know what to do and how to do it.

If you’re ready … it will be my honor to show you the way and help you earn a sustainable income from sponsorships because you, my friend, are making magic already!