Gifts are great. For your birthday.
Not when they’re in your inbox.

Sick of brands telling you, “We don’t have the budget?”
Desperate to finally hear “What are your rates?”

Gifted to Paid is a self-paced, on-demand course designed to give you the skills, strategies, and secret techniques you need to stop settling for free products and confidently communicate with brands so they pay you what you're worth.

Learn how to go from Gifted → Paid in 90 minutes FLAT

There's nothing more valuable than time when you're a busy creator which is why I condensed my most value-packed lessons into just 90 minutes TOTAL allowing you to take action ASAP!

(or even respond *strategically* to that free product offer sitting in your inbox right now) 😉

Quick Look at what Gifted to Paid Teaches Beginner & Aspiring Creators

Inside Gifted to Paid, you'll find: What you *won't* find inside Gifted to Paid:
Strategies to help you know what to post so you attract brands AND grow your audience ❌ How to set your rates or send pitches since you first need to learn WHY brands are paying certain creators (but not you)
Top 5 brand-repelling mistakes on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, & Facebook
Flimsy “hacks” that damage your reputation
How you can supercharge your creator positioning so brands instantly know your audience is filled with their ideal customers

Chat forums or live Q&A (those are included in my more advanced program, Brand Deal Wizard)

 How to make sure brands can easily envision hiring you for paid campaigns
✅ The secrets to mastering your money mindset so you can show up confidently

✅ Objection-busting email tactics and scripts so you're never left wondering what to say

✅ How to handle non-responsive brands so you finally hear back instead of getting ghosted after sending your rates

The art of making the money “ask” so you can keep the brand engaged 

✅ And…MORE!!!

Molly: "The scripts Justin gave us alone were worth [the investment]!"

Juliana: "If you are a content creator and you really want to up your brand deal game, brand negotiations and how to pitch a brand, this is your chance."

Hi, I'm Justin Moore 👋 Sponsorship Coach, Founder of @CreatorWizard, AND your #toughlove mentor.

Getting brands to pay you is not complicated…

I’m committed to helping you convert all those affiliate offers, ambassadorships, and free products into cold hard cash with step-by-step, practical methods.

Methods you can use easily to refine your positioning and FINALLY have the confidence to be a creator who gets PAID.

Let me first break down how my wife, April and I have made over $4,000,000 in paid sponsorships! 👇
Here’s the thing.

Like you, my wife April and I (we’ve been together 15+ years now!) started as creators who were receiving and reviewing TONS of free stuff from brands until one sunny day in 2010 when a well-known brand reached out to us, asking for…

…our sponsorship RATES! *jaw-meets-floor-moment*

The reason for this shift?

A series of subtle but significant upgrades we’d made to our social media profiles and creator “brand.”

Since then, I’ve taught thousands of creators about the specific elements that brands look for when they are searching for influencers for paid campaigns.

But my insights don't just come from doing 500+ sponsorships as a creator.

I also ran an influencer marketing agency for 7 years where I got to see behind the curtains of multi-million dollar campaigns.

I know precisely what makes brands take out their wallets AND why they avoid some creators at all costs.

Just a few of the household names we've worked with...

Learn how to make brands love you like this 👇

“Justin and April were a joy to work with and displayed the utmost professionalism throughout the entire length of the campaign. They were very easy to communicate with and were extremely timely in completing the necessary deliverables for the campaign. They understood the brand’s objective and were able to seamlessly integrate key messaging points within their typical content style.”

Agency: Harmelin

Brand: Michelin

“April and Justin were a pleasure to partner with and worked with us and the client the entire way to ensure all social content was both authentic to their audience and exceeded client expectations (which they did!). With only a couple weeks to turn around content, from concepting and scripting, to content creation and posting, April and Justin met every deadline and made every step of our partnership a breeze. In the end, we’re very excited to work with April and Justin again, both for the ease of working with them and the great (and fun!) social content.”

Agency: Hunter

Brand: Waterpik

“April and Justin have been a joy to work with – they are timely in communication, easygoing, flexible, lively, and overall great at following directions! April’s radiating positive energy and authentic love for our partnership really shined in each and every deliverable. We will definitely be working with [April & Justin] again!”

Agency: Ketchum

Brand: Swash

Ever feel like you're pumping out content on a social media hamster wheel to appease the algorithm Gods?

Posting TikToks and Reels. Editing and uploading videos to YouTube. 

Navigating the whims and fancies of the latest platform updates with grit and grace.

Showing up, sharing, and savoring the freedom to create.

Showing off and flexing to your friends that you just did a bunch of posts for a brand in exchange for free products. 

Wait… WHAT?! 

Scratch that. 

You shouldn’t be showing off when you get free products. 

Okay, maaaybee show off a little because hey, you’ve got brands noticing you! 

BUT then… it’s time to pause and think. 

Is settling for gifts from brands truly sustainable for you? Can free products be your business model? Because since when has free paid the bills? 


Would you work a 9-5 job for free?! 

I doubt it. 

BUT that's EXACTLY what you're doing when you provide brands with free labor and custom-crafted content (not to mention the privilege of using your name and likeness!) 

You may have started creating content as a hobby or a passion project and that’s great… 

…but now? 

Now, you want those hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of hours of work to pay the bills. 

You wanna make this a business.  

Wellllll… guess what?

Gifts from brands do not pay your bills. Nor do they make you a business owner. 

They make you an exhausted, overworked, and unpaid content creator. Endlessly churning out content on a hamster wheel to appease the social media Gods. 

They make you feel good in the moment. 

But you end up questioning your choices when you lie awake at night in bed wondering why so many other creators (some with a following smaller than yours) get paid deals. 

You find yourself worrying that becoming a full-time creator will forever be out of reach.

Sick of hearing “we don’t have the budget” from brands?

OR maybe you’ve had brands reach out but their products are cheap, not relevant to your content or audience, or they're just downright…weird!

OR you’ve bought pitch templates and grabbed tips from “micro-influencers” on TikTok, Reels, or YouTube only to feel utterly lost (and a little like an imposter) when sending them out.

OR you’ve been paid a little bit. But it’s peanuts for the work you put in.

Here's why...

Communicating your value to brands is HARD when you don’t know what to say and how to say it.

Especially if you’re a new creator with a small following.

How do you convince a brand to give you the time of day AND to pay you? 

How do you start the conversation and then, what steps do you take so you’re not ghosted when you send your rates?

How do you begin and where do you start?

Don't worry, I gotchu!

It is my honor and privilege to share my hard-won insights and laser-focused strategies with creators like you!

Over the years, I’ve coached thousands of creators and helped them earn over $3 MILLION in paid partnerships. 

In fact, I’m now on a MISSION to help creators, big and small, land 1,000,000 sponsorships by the year 2032.

How will I do this? 👇

Turn free product offers from brands into cash.

Minus the imposter syndrome and confidence-crushing confusion. 


You have less than 10,000 followers, are a brand-new influencer, and don’t know where to begin.

Inside this self-paced, step-by-step program, you'll get practical, no-BS information designed to help you shift from unpaid, underappreciated, and overworked creator...

...To in-demand, valued, and compensated consultant.

Here's everything I'll teach you...

Module 1: Money Mindset Shifts for getting PAID

We'll start off by discussing the top 5 struggles that are holding you back from getting paid, your relationship with money itself, and why empathy & ownership will help you overcome the psychological barriers of truly understanding your worth as a creator.

Module 2: Unmasking Myths of Paid Sponsorships

Most creators remain unpaid because they buy into myths.

Myths like “brands don’t have a budget” or “I don’t have enough followers.”

In this module, I unmask the TEN most common (and confidence-crushing!) myths and give you the unadulterated facts so you can step into your most confident self with this newfound knowledge.

Module 3: Using the N.A.V. Checklist & S.T.P. Formula to Attract Brands

Want brands to reach out to YOU instead of the other way around?

In this module, I share how you can use my proprietary N.A.V. Checklist to ensure your content is attracting brands AND new followers!

I’ll also cover how to figure out your S.T.P. (Surprising Transformative Promise) so that brands can instantly envision paying you and WHY accessing your audience will help them accomplish their business objectives.

Module 4: Top Brand-Repelling Mistakes to Avoid

Get ready to safely side-step a bunch of brand-repelling mistakes in this module.

I’ll reveal some of the most common errors creators make on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Amazon that cause brands NOT to reach out with paid sponsorship opportunities.

Module 5: Objection-Busting Email Tactics that get you Noticed

In this module, I'll teach you why telling a brand "I'm only focusing on paid partnerships right now" is the WRONG move.

I’ll walk you through SIXTEEN different real-life scenarios such as what to say when brands ask you to be an affiliate or say the product is expensive so that should be "enough."

PLUS I’ll show you EXACTLY what to say, transforming you into an objection-busting email wizard.

Module 6: The G.H.O.S.T. Technique for Non-Responsive Brands

"I sent my rates to a brand and they left me on read."

If you’ve ever been ghosted by a brand, you’ll LOVE this module which will dive deep into how you can stay top of mind using my G.H.O.S.T. Technique.

Are you ready to turn non-responsive brands into tripping-over-themselves-to-pay-you brands?

Module 7: Daily Affirmations for getting PAID

We deal with a lot, day-in and day-out as creators.

These actionable affirmations will ensure you’re always in the right headspace and don’t let negativity, rejection, or other common hurdles pull you down.

Burn them into your memory or print them out because they will help you finally unlock the confidence you need to get PAID.

Bonus #1: 5 Media Kit Canva Templates to Attract Brands

Most creators' media kits focus on the WRONG information (their bio, following, logos of brands they've worked with, etc.) Yawn...brands already know this basic stuff about you (otherwise they wouldn't have reached out)!

Use these 5 Media Kit templates that I specifically crafted to attract brands to ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

Bonus #2: Email Scripts SWIPE File for confident responses, every time

Never wonder again what to say when a brand asks if they can repost your content (but you actually wanna get PAID)!

This scenario PLUS 15 other battle-tested email templates will quickly become your go-to confidence boosters so you can negotiate with clarity, integrity, and conviction.

Bonus #3: Gifted to Paid Notion Resource Organizer

Use this Notion resource organizer to quickly & easily reference all the concepts, scripts, mindset shifts, & daily affirmations from Gifted to Paid, all in one place!

Lily: "It helped me see how I should think as a creator…I’ve already made over $3,000 simply by using the tactics and tools I learned in the course."

Gifted to Paid is PERFECT for you if you’re…

  • A beginner or aspiring creator with a small but meaningful social media presence.

  • Eager and excited to start attracting legit brands but struggle with knowing HOW to get paid or negotiate with a brand.

  • Feeling a bit burned out because well…working for free can be exhausting.

  • Ready to stop hearing “No” and start finally earning real $$$!

  • Keen to have a practical approach to working with perfect-fit brands with integrity!

Imagine how EPIC it will feel to FINALLY have…

✅ Brands reach out to you AND offer to pay real $$$ for partnering with them. ✅ Confidence in contacting brands and negotiating with them. Complete understanding of how to position yourself so you attract perfect-fit brands. 
✅ Proven email scripts and strategies to navigate every possible scenario with a brand.  ✅ Clear-cut strategies so you know what to do and say when a brand doesn’t respond. 

✅ An income-generating BUSINESS! Full-time income, here we come!

PLUS (and MOST importantly!)

…you’ll have financial freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind. 

You’re now helping amazing brands while charging for your work and making money on your own terms. 

Your investment for Gifted to Paid?

Your investment in Gifted to Paid is a pocket-friendly $500 (or three installments of $185). 


Like I shared earlier…I’m on a mission to help creators, big and small, land 1,000,000 sponsorships by 2032. 

You’re helping me live my purpose. I’m helping you get paid!

PLUS I'm incredibly confident that you'll recoup your investment with the very next paid partnership you sign.

Choose from two convenient investment options:

“Okay, all this sounds great but…how do I know this’ll work?”

Glad you asked!

Your investment in Gifted to Paid is protected by my “Paid in 60” Guarantee!

Listen. I know it feels scary to invest in yourself. Especially if you’ve done it before and not seen results. You may even second-guess yourself.

When you sign up for Gifted to Paid, you can check “fear” and “imposter syndrome” at the door.

Because I’m going to put my money on your success.

IF you implement everything I teach in Gifted to Paid and you still aren't able to land your first paid partnership…

Email me within 60 days and I’ll give you your money back.

It may sound crazy but I believe in YOU and I believe in the program.

Go ahead, take me up on my promise, and see for yourself.

“I was really nervous going into it but Justin will give you so many pointers, especially [how to] brand yourself properly! He’s going to teach you and show you how to work with brands so that they will pay you what you're worth.”



Still on the fence? No problem. Let’s look at some options and how they stack up.

TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Videos by Influencers

Pitch Templates

Gifted to Paid

Practical, step-by-step information
❌ Not really. These are bits and pieces and never the FULL scoop.
❌ A pitch template is simply one step in the whole process.
✅  You get ALL the steps you need so you can communicate your worth to brands and do it with confidence. Turning free gifts into paid partnerships is the ONLY focus of this course and you’ll not skip a single step. 
Establishing Credibility
❌ Since you don’t have a step-by-step plan to develop your brand and mindset, establishing credibility is hit-or-miss.
❌ Most pitch templates are specific to certain niches and sound the same. Brands see this and find it easy to ignore you.
 You become an expert in creating a brand identity for YOURSELF so you attract perfect-fit brands.
A guarantee to get you from Gifted to Paid in 60 days
❌ Nope. 
❌ Nope.
✅ YES!

“If you’re on the fence about taking the Gifted to Paid course, I highly recommend just jumping right over that fence! It was so incredibly valuable.”



Answers to “Will this pay off for me?” and other questions you may be thinking right now

  • + Q1. I’m a new creator with a tiny following of fewer than 500 people. Will this program help me land paid partnerships?

    Yes. The size of your following isn’t as crucial as your positioning. In Module 2 of the program, I debunk this and 9 other myths creators buy into. PLUS, in Module 3, I share my proprietary N.A.V. and S.T.P. frameworks so you can implement them and attract brands regardless of follower size.

  • + Q2. I’ve spent money on programs in the past that promised the moon but gave me nothing. How do I know this will be different?

    First of all, I’m really sorry you experienced paying for something and getting nothing valuable in return.

    This is exactly why your enrollment in Gifted to Paid is protected by my "Paid in 60" promise.

    PLUS, the challenge with most other programs is that affiliate program invitations, ambassadorships, and gifted collabs are usually a small part of what they teach. This is the ONLY comprehensive course with a core focus on turning free offers into PAID deals.

  • + Q3. I’m in a very narrow niche and want to only work with brands that are in alignment with my values. Will this work for me?

    The beautiful thing about being a creator is that YOU get to choose which brands you work with and which ones you won't!

    Gifted to Paid teaches you HOW to become a big fish in a small pond by leveraging your unique skillsets to differentiate you from other creators.

  • + Q4. I’ve tried pitching brands in the past only to be offered free products, an affiliate arrangement, or ghosted. Will this help me avoid those situations?

    The truth is any time creators hear these things, they tune it out as different versions of "you're not gonna pay me."

    In reality, you need to be saying DIFFERENT things in each of those scenarios.

    Gifted to Paid goes into detail about WHAT to say in each to illustrate to brands WHY they should pay you.

  • + Q5. I have a lot going on and am in another course as well. Will this require a lot of time from me?

    TOTALLY understand full plates and busy days. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you have to the program. It's actually one of the reasons why I made the course videos 1 hour, 30 minutes TOTAL (but still value-packed). If that's still tough for you right now, remember you have access to the course content for the LIFETIME of the program. PLUS because it is self-paced, you set the schedule.

  • + Q6. Will you teach me how much to charge or how to send pitches to brand?

    No. The focus of Gifted to Paid is specifically on converting free product offers into paid partnerships.

    Once you’re consistently receiving sponsorships that include compensation, consider joining my advanced program Brand Deal Wizard which covers pricing, pitch strategies, negotiation psychology, deal execution, and nurturing in detail.

  • + Q7. How much access do I get to Justin in this program?

    This is a self-paced, step-by-step, DIY-style program, so it doesn’t include access to Justin or a community.

    However, I give you ALL the steps and scripts needed to strengthen your creator identity and flex those confidence muscles to communicate your worth and value.

    I promise you…if you use the secrets, scripts, and strategies I reveal in Gifted to Paid, you will start turning free gift conversations into paid partnerships in no time.

  • + Q8. I still have questions. How can I contact you?

    Feel free to reach out to me at and we’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

One final thought...

Regardless of whether you join Gifted To Paid or not, I want you to know that I'm proud of you. It's not easy being a creator and the fact that you're thinking about investing in yourself is inspiring. If you have any questions AT ALL, do not hesitate to email me at and I would be more than happy to answer them. Hope to see you inside!